New Typeface for Dyslexic Readers

“Traditional typefaces are confusing for readers with dyslexia because “twin” letters like b and d are based on the same design. In Dyxlexie, slight variations in similar letters—along with more space between individual letters—help readers keep text straight. The computerized Dyslexie font is dark blue color by default, which Boer says is easier for dyslexics to read.”

Source: New Typeface for Dyslexic Readers

Waverly, Pennsylvania was a haven for run-away slaves in the 19th century

Great book for high school history classes!


SCRANTON, Pa.  — Sunbury Press has released Embattled Freedom: Chronicle of a Fugitive-Slave Haven in the Wary North, Jim Remsen’s history of the town of Waverly’s role in the Underground Railroad and other abolitionist activity.

About the Book:
ef_fcRural Northeastern Pennsylvania was a bucolic farming region in the 1800s—but political tensions churned below the surface. When a group of fugitive slaves dared to settle in the Underground Railroad village of Waverly, near Scranton, before the Civil War, they encountered a mix of support from abolitionists and animosity from white supremacists. Once the war came, 13 of Waverly’s black fathers and sons returned south, into the bowels of slavery, to fight for the Union. Their valor under fire helped to change many minds about blacks. Embattled Freedom lifts these 13 remarkable lives out of the shadows, while also shedding light on the racial politics and…

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For Middle Grade Readers…

I loved this story about a young artist’s tremendous gift for seeing the world the way that it actually is and how she learns the meaning of belonging…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.12.20 PM.png


Abandoned at birth, Hollis Woods has lived in about a half dozen homes and has always wished for a family. A foster caretaker describes her as “a mountain of trouble.” When Josie Cahill, a retired art teacher, takes the 12-year-old into her home on Long Island, NY, the two bond almost immediately. Hollis draws pictures with colored pencils and Josie carves branches into people. However, it soon becomes clear that Josie has trouble remembering things, and Hollis becomes the caregiver. When she stops attending school, a social worker comes by to investigate. Flashbacks slowly illuminate Hollis’s life with one family who had hoped to adopt her and why this didn’t happen. Giff masterfully weaves these two strands together in a surprising and satisfying ending. Strong characterization and a solid sense of place are the strengths of this heartfelt story that will appeal to fans of Sharon Creech’s Ruby Holler (2002), Katherine Paterson’s The Great Gilly Hopkins (1978, both HarperCollins), and Zilpha Keatley Snyder’s Gib Rides Home (Delacorte, 1998).


“Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul” is the top Sunbury bestseller for January

From Blue Ground is moving up on the Best Seller List on Sunbury Press!


MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for January, 2016. Dr. Arif Shaikh took the top spot with his compilation of 365 tips for personal growth Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and Soul. John E. Wade II’s Bipolar Millionaire took the #2 spot.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for January, 2016 (by Revenue)
RankLast MonthTitleAuthorCategory
1Healing Tips for the Mind, Body, and SoulDr. Arif ShaikhSelf-Help
2NEWThe Bipolar MillionaireJohn E Wade IIBiography
36Capital MurderChris PapstInvestigation
4IonicaCatalina PetcovBiography
5NEWChoice of EnemiesM A RichardsSpy Thriller
6The Savage ApostleJohn KachubaHistorical Fiction
714Jesus the PhoenicianKarim El KoussaHistory
811The Penns’ Manor of Spread Eagle and the Grist Mills of the Upper Mahantongo ValleySteve TroutmanHistory

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