Big News! Book Number 2—signed.


Summer Changes Everything

As sure as the seasons dissolve from one into the next, things will change.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing…

Summer Changes Everything:  a new novel for Young Adults by Joe Harvey

Sunbury Press Books has acquired the publication rights for my second book:  Summer Changes Everything!  The Young Adult novel is tentatively scheduled to be released in February 2018!

After some bad choices and a run-in with the police, street-hardened teen Dylan Martin is forced to leave Philadelphia and spend the summer in the sleepy backwater town of Russell, Pennsylvania.  When he unexpectedly meets his first love, what Dylan first calls a death sentence turns out to be the summer that changes everything.

Summer Changes Everything is a coming of age story that pulls no punches in describing the struggles that teens face when dealing with addiction, crisis, and identity.  But it’s also a story of how unconditional love can make all the difference in a person’s life.  With the help of an extraordinary heroine, the main character, Dylan, discovers that he can overcome disappointment, failure, and poor choices by taking control of his life and becoming the person he was meant to be.

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Successful Summer Workshops!

I want to thank Erin Clavier and the Hellertown Library for hosting two writing workshops this summer—both of them were a tremendous success!   The workshops focused on the elements of fiction and the craft of storytelling.  High School students gathered for two hours on a warm summer night to explore the elements of plot and character, while upper elementary and middle school students met over the course of three days to learn how to use all the elements of fiction to craft page-turning stories! There will be more workshops to come in the fall.  Watch this space for more information!  If you’d like to receive email updates about upcoming events and workshops—or you’d like to plan one for your organization, please contact me at!