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Famous Last Work Series—Book 1 

If We’Re Really Quiet, It Won’t Find Us


Something strange is going on in the woods around Camp Calamity.  It started with the disappearance of the Davison’s chickens; then it was Mrs. Nussbaum’s cat, and now the Albertson’s dog has gone missing, too. Some say the disappearances are just a coincidence. Others say it’s something more sinister: a large wolf-like creature called the Hollow Howler that is rumored to roam the woods near Camp Calamity. When the mysterious disappearances threaten to close their beloved summer camp, four young friends, George, John, Peter, and Abby, devise a plan to find out the truth. They’re sure if they stick to their plan, they’ll be safe. The creature is said to have extremely poor eyesight from spending most of its existence in dark hibernation, but it is also said to have an acute sense of hearing, which it uses to home in on its unsuspecting prey. Rumor has it, if you’re really quiet, it won’t find you, but sometimes rumors are wrong, and sometimes your words can come back to haunt you.

If We’re Really Quiet, It Won’t Find Us is the first book in a series for kids ages 8-12 called Famous Last Words.  Famous Last Words is an idiom used to describe an ironic comment that is made in a seemingly sure situation that is proven wrong by events (sometimes fatally).  In this series, one of the main characters’ words always comes back to haunt them, thus explaining the book’s title.

We walked by the light of the storefront windows…

“We walked by the light of the storefront windows, listening to the sounds of the easy moving traffic and pedestrians along Main Street. The heat of the day escaped from the sidewalk in wispy vapors. I stole a couple of glimpses at Summer while we walked. She seemed to radiate a glow all of her own…Am I really falling for her? I thought. I didn’t know how I could be. I had never been in love before, and I wasn’t sure why I would be with a girl like Summer. She was curious and peculiar, unlike any girl I knew. But there was also something magical about her. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that I wanted to get to the bottom of it…We were stopped by the crowd at the ice cream shop as soon as we entered the door. The ethereal strains of Paramore’s “You Are the Only Exception” drifted from an unseen radio in the back.” #SummerChangesEverything #DylansPlaylist